Top Tip to Gain Modeling Experience Fast

Gain experience fast by booking multiple free, trade for print (tfp), photographers. How do you go about this? Engage in Facebook groups where photographers, hair stylists, makeup artists, other models, etc. are also building their portfolios. This will get you LOTS of free photoshoots and a good network of talent, hopefully on the rise. Seek out your friend who’s always taking pictures at parties or has a beautiful instagram for no reason. Trade for print shoots are so important for new models! Not only do tfp shoots give you experience, it’ll help you decide whether you want to model in the first place. Who knows, you could discover a love for something else :)

BEWARE: check everyone’s tagged images on Facebook and Instagram, especially male photographers, sorry not sorry! Try to video chat or at least talk on the phone prior to the photo shoot. Try to always bring someone with you. If you don’t feel comfortable asking, say this “I’d love it if my friend/assistant/mom/brother/ etc. could film bts footage for us!” If this person is a trusted referral, it’s okay to go alone, but getting bts footage is clutch. And if someone emails you from telling you they’ll fly you Brazil, it’s not real! Take a screenshot and send it to your network via email, Facebook, Instagram, text, etc, so they are aware.

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